arabic school

Arabic School

The Halesowen cultural Centre

‏Al-Noor Arabic supplementary
School is open on Halesowen and surrounding area

‏A distinguished Arabic school in its 10 Year
Would you like your child/children to learn Arabic ?
‏Would you like your child/children to improve their Arabic language skills (including speaking, reading and writing?

‏Then this school is for you!

‏We offer‏ Arabic language classes on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am till 12.30pm

5.30pm- 7.30pm on Friday and Monday in a safe and supported environment for children from 6 years upwards (from next year we will offer discount for two or more siblings also we will offer 5 years old upwards )
‏• The Arabic classes are delivered by highly trained and qualified Arabic teachers and the learning is following a specially designed curriculum which meets the children’s individual learning needs

‏For further information, please contact the Halesowen Cultural

Centre on 0121 5851261 / 07855019961 or email ‏