HDYCA seeks to represent and meet the particular needs of Yemeni, Arabic speaking communities and ethnic groups in the Borough of Dudley as well as extending its services and activities to other disadvantaged communities within the local area. HDYCA achieves this by providing services to those available in the mainstream sector and also by acting as an interface/contact point between the community and various service providers.
Our services and activities are benefited by those who tends to be of low employment and of low skills base due to language and cultural barriers which make it difficult for them to access mainstream services and organisations.
HDYCA works together and has partnerships with local authorities such as Dudley MBC, West Midland Police, CFED (Centre of Equality and Diversity), DCVS, NHS and local Schools and Colleges.
Our services and activities include:

  •  Advice, Guidance and Information
  • After school Clubs
  • Culturally Elder Luncheon Clubs
  • Health Promotion Programmes
  • Job Clubs
  • Youth Club Provision
  • Cultural Social Groups
  • (ESOL) Classes
  • Room Hire Facilities 
  • IT Learning Suite
  • Homework Support Clubs
  • Arabic Lessons
  • Family Mediation
  • Friday (Jummuah) Prayers
  • Quran Pronunciation and Recitation Classes
  • Confidence Building Workshops
  • Skills Development Programmes
  • Translation
  • Advocacy
  • Bereavement Support
  • Volunteering and Mentoring Programmes
  • Community Outings

‏Al-Noor Arabic supplementary School

The Halesowen cultural Centre

‏Al-Noor Arabic supplementary School is open on Halesowen and surrounding area

‏A distinguished Arabic school in its 10 Year
Would you like your child/children to learn Arabic ?
‏Would you like your child/children to improve their Arabic language skills (including speaking, reading and writing?

‏Then this school is for you!

‏We offer‏ Arabic language classes on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am till 12pm

5:00pm- 7:00pm on Friday and Monday in a safe and supported environment for children from 6 years upwards (from next year we will offer discount for two or more siblings also we will offer 5 years old upwards )
‏• The Arabic classes are delivered by highly trained and qualified Arabic teachers and the learning is following a specially designed curriculum which meets the children’s individual learning needs

‏For further information, please contact the Halesowen Cultural

Centre on 0121 5851261 / 07855019961 or email ‏info@yca-halesowen.org.uk

السلام عليكم

 اشعار هام  المدرسة العربية 

الإخوة والاخوات أولياء الأمور ……… الكرام .

تعلن المدرسة العربية  (الجالية اليمنية في هليزوين  ) عن فتح باب التسجيل  للعام الدراسي 2021/2022 من يوم  غد  السبت   الموافق 03/07/2021 وحتى نهاية شهر يوليو الموافق بتاريخ 31/07/2021 لمدة أربعة أسابيع فقط …

بإمكان أولياء الأمور تسجيل أبنائهم إلكترونيا من خلال  تعبئة  استمارة التسجيل عبر الرابط أدناه 👇 في خلال الفترة المحددة …

  أي تأخير بعد الفترة المحددة أعلاه قد يضاف اسمك إلى قائمة الانتظار   .


  • لمن لديه أكثر من طالب  يرجى تعبئة استمارة لكل واحد على حدة.  مع العلم ان سن القبول من ٦ سنوات وما فوق  الى ان يخلص من المدرسة الثانويه  ١٦ سنه …
  • تعبئة الاستماره باللغة الانجليزية باستخدام الاسم الثلاثي من جواز السفر أو شهادة الميلاد…

للعلم  ان الأولولية  ستكون للذي سجل أولاً   لأن المقاعد محدودة  حسب اتساع المكان … 

للاستفسار التواصل مع مدير المدرسة

الأستاذ / محمد حامد 


صادر عن إدارة المدرسة


A decision has been made that Arabic school will be having an open registration from the 3rd of July 2021 until the 31st of July 2021.

This is on a First come first served basis, as it’s limited spaces.

Anyone who has more than one child should apply separately for each child.

For more information please contact the head of Arabic Language; Mr Mohammed Hamed.

Thank you for your understanding and support.




We provide room hire in Halesowen, available 7 days a week for community use or private hire; large hall & meeting  rooms.

There are lots of events going on at the centre in the near future including private Conferencescharity fundraisers.

Our kitchen is available to hire alongside activities in the main hall or meeting room. Or can be hired independently. The kitchen is regularly used by the community centre’s youth clubs, play group and community events.


  • Before applying for a booking please familiarise yourself with our terms of hire
  • Check availability. You can check availability of the main hall and meeting room using our online tool else you can call, email or visit us
  • Discuss your booking application with us. Either by phone, email or in person.
  • Complete our online booking form, we’ll calculate the cost of the booking and send an invoice via email
  • Pay deposit (within one week of receiving invoice) & pay full booking cost (7 days before booking commences). Payments can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Please read the Terms & Conditions before completing the form.

Halesowen Cultural Centre Hire Terms

Halesowen Cultural Centre Hire Form

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