Islamic Marriage (Nikah) & CIVIL SERVICE

A ‘Nikah’ Islamic marriage contract according to Islamic (Shariah) Law are performed at Halesowen Cultural Centre (Masjid Al- Wraith).

The Nikah ceremony will be performed by the appointed Imam of Halesowen Cultural Centre (Masjid Al- Wraith).

Getting married at Halesowen Cultural Centre (Masjid Al- Wraith) is the experience of a lifetime. The Centre is committed to providing a unique & spectacular service, where you will create unforgettable memories with your family, and friends.

We have a venue made available for the Ceremonies which can be used according to your needs and budget.

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Marriage Registration Procedure - Islamic Nikah & Marriage Solemnisation (Registered) Ceremony Combined

Please note: Before arranging the Marriage Ceremony, please contact Halesowen Cultural Centre for advice regarding marriage service requirements.

  1. The couple wishing to marry, both need to contact their local Marriage Register office and set a date for an appointment to give notice of their marriage which is also called “Intention of Marriage”.
  2. Once they have obtained a date for their appointment, they need to contact the office at Halesowen Cultural Centre to book a date for their marriage ceremony, allowing a notice period of at least 29 calendar days (for British citizens) and approx. 70 days if subject to immigration control, commencing the appointment date. They each MUST bring at least one form of photo ID (Passport /immigration document confirming residence status) and proof of address with them to collect a letter of confirmation.
  3. A provisional date will be set for the couple and a copy of their ID’s kept on our file. They will be provided with a Halesowen Cultural Centre letter (addressed to the Marriage Register office) confining the provisional date. That letter then be taken to the Register Office and presented there.
  4. The couple will be asked after 29 days (70 days) to collect “MARRIAGE SCHEDULE”.
  5. The Marriage Schedule, which is a legal document, must be brought to Halesowen Cultural Centre and handed over to the main office at least 2 days before the date of marriage.
  6. On the day of marriage, an Imam from the Halesowen Cultural Centre and an appointed authorised person (registrar) will be present to conduct the ceremony. There is a fee for the certificates of £250.00 payable to Halesowen Cultural Centre which must be paid before or on the day of marriage before the ceremony takes place.
Important information
  • Halesowen Cultural Centre CANNOT conduct an Islamic Nikah or Marriage Solemnisation (Registration) on its own. The Halesowen Cultural Centre is licensed to carry both marriages together.
  • Halesowen Cultural Centre does not and will not participate in any culturally defected marriages or sacrilegious practices relating to the sanctity of marriage.
  • We do not allow any external IMAM for Nikah and will only be performed by our employed Imam.
  • Couples wishing to get married must try their very best to ensure that they have fulfilled all Islamic requirements before, during and after the marriage. This will ensure that an Islamic marriage is valid. A marriage is a bond of love and faith where commitment and future must be considered wisely. Couples who have doubt or uncertainty should consult our scholars, Marriage Bureau advisors or family support service for some friendly and straightforward advice.
  • Marriages conducted by Halesowen Cultural Centre are both Marriage Solemnisation (Registration) and Islamic Nikah Ceremonies and therefore will be kept on file at the Public Records Office.
Fee Structure:
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Nikah Fees
English or Arabic Certificate   £250
 Additional Certificate in English or Arabic  £10 per certificate
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Divorce Fees
English or Arabic Certificate   £300
English & Arabic Certificate  £360
Khula with Arabic Certificate   £100
Islamic Marriage (Nikah) & Divorce Application Forms:
Useful Contact numbers to book appointment for notice of marriage:

Telephone: 0121 585 1261

Office hours: Monday to Sunday by appointment only.

For Civil divorce, a solicitor must be consulted, as this is an Islamic Divorce. The Concerned committee does not deal with Civil law matters.
Divorce Fees:
£300 (English or Arabic Certificate)
£360 (For both English & Arabic Certificate)

Once the Khula case has been finalised, the husband can order an original copy of the Khula Certificate for a fee of £100.

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